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If you didn't know Cheetos had a hand in creating music history you do.

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Hyundai's Super Bowl spot leans on heavy Boston accents to describe a smart parking feature that lets drivers automatically park the car using a key fob.

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Michelob ULTRA

Working out becomes a whole lot of fun when you see the lighter side.

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What did we do before Alexa?

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The ranch just got cooler. Watch Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott reach for the sky and drop it down low in a winner-takes-all western showdown the world has never seen before.

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If you watch the big game for the breaks, TiVo's got the button for you.

This coming Sunday, February 2, is the day TV fans wait all year for. Sure, the big game's great and all, but for those who tune in for the multi-million-dollar commercials and the world's biggest halftime show, we've got the perfect solution: TiVo GameSkip. After recording the big game, look for the on-screen SKIP icon next to the recording. Then hit play, press the SKIP button1 and your TiVo will jump to the beginning of the next commercial break! Kind of makes you want to give us a high-five, right?

To enjoy TiVo GameSkip, go to TiVo Online™,
sign in to your account and record the big game.

1 On TiVo classic remotes, press the D button.

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1 On Tivo classic remotes, press the D button.

The GameSkip feature replaces SkipMode for the game, but commercials can still be bypassed by using fast-forward if desired.

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